What is Micro-Needling?

Micro-Needling is an advanced skincare treatment performed in order to renew, rejuvenate and re-condition the skin. By tapping into the skin’s own healing mechanisms, Micro-Needling enables us to stimulate new collagen and elastin production, as well as, aid a reset to normal function and optimum condition.

“The most popular reason for choosing this treatment is the anti-ageing benefits, by either a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles or a continuation of skin health thus slowing the ageing process.”


When discussing and considering the results and longevity, it really depends on the skin’s condition or the concern we are treating. The most popular reason for choosing this treatment is the anti-ageing benefits, by either a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles or a continuation of skin health thus slowing the ageing process. The healthy collagen production from the treatment enables skin to remain younger for longer.

How often should you have Micro-Needling?

Micro-Needling should be performed in a course of treatments and then intermittently for maintenance. Following a course of treatments, it can take 6 months to a year for new collagen to be produced and mature into strong, healthy and bouncy fibres and at that time we can judge the full results of the treatment. For all intents and purposes these results can be seen as a turning back of the clock on skin ageing, but from this point the degeneration or ageing process then begins again, for both extrinsic and intrinsic reasons.

In real terms, how each client then decides to move forward from their course of treatments will really dictate the longevity of the result. For example, a client that maintains a good prescriptive skincare regime, protects their skin from the sun at all times and comes for regular or intermittent skin health treatments or maintenance Micro-Needling treatments, will of course see long lasting results. On the other hand, should a client drop the ball, in terms of on-going care, protection and decide against any further treatment the skin and collagen will definitely see a quicker degradation and on-going ageing process. There is obviously some middle ground here, but it’s always important to remember that you essentially get back what you put in and consistency is key to maintaining happy, healthy, youthful looking skin.

Can Micro-Needling be used to treat other skin conditions?

When treating other skin conditions or concerns, different outcomes are possible. When treating scarring and/or scar tissue for example, if treated effectively the results would be permanent. However, when treating conditions such as, acne and rosacea, these are not seen or guaranteed to be curable and so long-term results, in terms of control and correction can vary widely.

Active acne and rosacea should be treated with a consistent prescriptive home care and in conjunction with alternative treatments in the first instance, this will enable you to gain control of the symptoms of the condition. Micro-needling is best suited to these conditions once the active stage has been controlled and will act to re-condition & correct the fall out i.e.: colouration, texture, scarring.

In relation to longevity of results with these condition it’s important to remember that even once we successfully get a condition under control and continue into maintenance/rejuveantive care, many aspects, those under our control and those out of our hands, can affect our overall health and lead to skin/condition flares, at any time.

Pigmentation in some respects is also a hard condition to guarantee longevity of results, we can throw everything at pigmentation disorders but due to its potentially high reactivity with the sun, a lot of the success lies solely in the clients’ hands, in terms of home care, but most importantly sun protection. Some pigmentation disorders derive from hormonal activity, but most commonly when we think of pigmentation, we think of sun damage. Sun damage can be aided, but it can never be undone so prevention is always better than cure, so slap on that SPF!

So why choose us?

Here at SIRENS Skin & Beauty, Crawley Down, when performing Micro-Needling, we use the world renowned Dermapen mechanical pen device.

This device holds a cartridge of 12 ultra fine needles that oscillate at an incredibly high speed. We also use DP dermaceuticals skincare, ‘Non-Negotiables Meso-Glide’ mesotherapy serums and UBER Pro Peel, to gain optimum results working on the full array of concerns and conditions.

As always it is imperative to have a consistent and active skincare routine at home before investing in any clinical treatments, this will ensure you gain optimum results from your investment. Due to the nature of this treatment, supplementation is also highly advised.

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