Hair removal is a hot topic at this time of year with the sun showing its face and holidays looming, which leads us all to take a more detailed look at our bodies and often think about what we’d like to take care of or change.

For some, temporary hair removal is enough, whether it be regularly or only when the time really calls for it, in spring/summer for example. Many opt for homecare in the form of a razor, which is great for those who have slower hair growth, fairer hair and no issues with skin sensitivity, but for many it would mean shaving daily, uncomfortable reactions and thickening/darkening of the hair. This is where wax comes in to play.

“Here at SIRENS skin & beauty in Crawley Down we offer waxing services using industry leader, Waxperts Wax.”


Three specialist waxes to be exact, a beautiful gentle strip wax for arms and legs, a hot wax for more sensitive areas and intimate waxing and a specific facial hot wax.Although some find waxing uncomfortable, generally it is a very comfortable treatment, which is extremely effective at removing unwanted hair. There isn’t an area which can’t be waxed and when having it done regularly, results can last for 4 weeks or more, dependent on hair type and growth cycle. This is because the hair is removed from the bulb and not just chopped off the top like a razor.


“The growth cycle of hair is generally 4-8 weeks dependant on the area/person/age of person being treated and regular waxing can actually reduce hair growth over time, meaning less re-growth and longer results.”


As with any topical hair removal treatments there is a risk of ingrown hairs post treatment, which can be seen mildly on the body, but most commonly on intimate areas such as the bikini line. We’d rarely see any such reaction on the face. Clients are always given advice regarding the handling of these, including purchasing Waxperts Wonder Pads, which aid to soften and sterilise the skin, reducing inflammation and allowing the hairs to come through more easily. It’s also important to regularly moisturise the skin and gently exfoliate the body in order to keep the skin smooth and healthy, thus avoiding in-growing hairs and over time with regular appointments these issues should ease.

Waxing is particularly very popular for those that have a lot of hair, very dark hair, suffer with irritation after using a razor or suffer with ingrown hairs, but sometimes even waxing just isn’t enough. Excessive hair growth can be a real bug bear for some people, particularly on areas of skin that are on constant show, such as the face; and if you suffer with ingrown hairs that wax just doesn’t rectify, then I’m sure you’ll be looking for a more permanent solution.Technically, there are no “permanent solutions” as new hair follicles can activate over time, and as we age, but it is now possible to almost completely remove unwanted hair “semi-permanently” as we say, with specialist laser & light technologies. Many are lucky enough that the results are in fact permanent, but it not something we are able to guarantee.

Laser Hair removal is the most common term used for these treatments, although often the technology supplied is actually intense pulsed light, which offers similar results but slightly differently. At SIRENS skin & beauty we offer IPL (intense pulsed light) hair removal, where any area can be treated and commonly clients would start with a course of 6 treatments as a minimum. A course is required to ensure we remove as much hair as possible and as the hair growth will be in many different cycles upon starting treatment, we generally treat every 4-6 weeks in order to hopefully get them into some kind of sync for more effective results.

Further details regarding this treatment are available in our upcoming blog ‘IPL Permanent Hair Removal’, in the meantime you can view our prices and further information here: or book a consultation online here:

Waxing services can be started at any time of year and require only basic consultation so feel free to book online here also:

Waxing services are available to men and women although not all clinics offer intimate waxing, so be sure to check services with your local clinic. At SIRENS we offer female and male waxing from mid teens (with parents approval and attendance) and up to any age. We do offer female intimate waxing such as Brazillians and Hollywoods but we do not offer male intimate waxing.