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Skincare is a tricky investment for many, the market is flooded with brands, ideals, influencers and “experts” all offering a slice of advice and declaring “THIS WORKS” and telling us we “definitely need it” but is that really the case? Do you, the individual really NEED that product, will it be the best thing for YOUR skin? Sadly the answer is often, no.

This is where prescriptive and active skincare come in. Whilst we are all humans and have the same basic build, our actual make up is wildly individual which of course is linked to our genetics. We most commonly see examples of this in our personalities, our gut & digestive system and most definitely in our SKIN conditioning. This can be apparent from a young age but often we see skin behaving very differently in different people from the mid teens.

As we mentioned skin conditioning is very much linked to genetics. The rare person may have smooth, refined skin with a pore-less appearance and keep that for a lifetime but the majority of us at different times in our lives or as an ongoing condition will witness or suffer with dryness, breakouts, acne, pigmentation, textural issues, dullness, dehydration etc. All of these “conditions” are linked to the skins function.

With prescriptive and active skincare we can look to correct & perfect skin function by offering the skin the exact vitamins, antioxidants & nutrients it requires to function properly and therefore maintain & optimise its strength, volume, clarity, and overall appearance.

So…What you do you want from your skin? Of course, we always complete a full prescriptive consultation to ensure you get what your skin needs but for a quick overview of our most commonly heard aims & concerns simply select a statement that applies to you.

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