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I want to address redness

We can develop or hold redness within our skin for many different reasons, some of us are simply pre-disposed to red undertones and flushing where as some redness can come from irritation, sensitivity and impaired barrier function.

To address redness as a whole we want to strengthen and normalise skin function with vitamin A, calm with vitamin C and other antioxidants and protect the skin vigilantly from any UV damage. If the skin is actually impaired and sensitive then we need to go steady with active ingredients and create a plan to recover the skin and bring it back to health. Sensitivity is not a skin type or condition we need to earn to live with, all sensitivity comes with a reason behind it and with the right skincare plan the skin can often easily be brought back to optimum health and stability.  In order to get to the bottom of the reasoning behind your redness we must perform a full consultation and analysis so please do get in touch to book.

As a side note, some of us actually suffer with a condition called rosacea which can be diagnosed by a dermatologist or recognised by a skin specialist such as ourselves. Rosacea sufferers usually witness some or all of the following symptoms: flushing and heat reactive skin, dryness and sensitivity, raised red patches or small white spots, texture changes, broken capillaries, swelling and more severe cases suffer thickened skin particularly over the nose area. If you feel this may be you, head to our ‘I want to address my rosacea’ post and book a consultation to discuss the best course of holistic treatment.

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