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I want to address rosacea

As you may well know, Rosacea is a skin condition which can be officially diagnosed by a dermatologist but recognised and treated by a skin specialist such as ourselves also in most instances. Sufferers usually witness some or all of the following symptoms: redness, flushing and heat reactive skin, dryness and sensitivity, raised red patches or small white spots, textural issues, broken capillaries, swelling and in more severe cases, thickened skin, particularly over the nose area.

The 3 main subtypes of rosacea are:

  • Eryathematotelangietatic
  • Papulopustular
  • Phymatous
Rosacea is not fully understood and so can be tricky to address, we know what tends to trigger the condition and the statistics of on whom and when it may occur but because there is not a defined cause we must treat it much like acne in that we always treat the symptoms and cannot guarantee a cure. Because of this, the condition often needs to be treated holistically, looking at internal & external factors or triggers, daily skin care and in clinic treatments. More serious forms would definitely need to be looked at and treated by a dermatologist. When looking at skincare for a rosacea skin we look to introduce active vitamin A to normalise and improve function, lactic acid is also a common ingredient we work with in order to stimulate natural moisturising factors and sterilise the skin and vigilant sun care is an absolute must. Studies have shown that UV is often a huge trigger for rosacea let alone the damage it can cause. It is important to be gentle and kind to all skin but a rosacea skin in particular. For more information and advice on the products or treatment course that would suit your skin, get in touch to book a consultation.

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