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I want to age well

One RULE: Wear SUNSCREENOk, maybe there are some more rules but first off let’s accept and embrace that ageing is inevitable, we lose around 1% of our collagen a year from the age of 25 and our vitamin A levels deplete from the age of just 15! So what can we do to hinder the process and keep “a healthy skin, for a lifetime”?
  • Be gentle and kind to your skin
  • Use the right products and follow the right practises
  • Protect our skin from pollutants and most importantly THE SUN
Vitamin A is THE single most important chemical messenger in the skin, it maintains normal and healthy cell function and healthy cells create healthy, strong and resilient tissue. Not only do our stocks naturally deplete with age but the process is sped up astronomically by the sun and its harmful rays. With this in mind, in order to age well, it is absolutely vital to first protect our skin from the sun and second give the skin back what it has lost.Before booking any treatments or purchasing products we require all clients to book a full consultation in order to discuss concerns, needs and commitment levels before we then prescribe the best course of action homecare wise and suitable in clinic treatments if necessary/accessible.

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