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I want to correct sun damage

Sun damage is caused due to over exposure to the sun or sun beds which leads to severe depletion of vitamin a within the skin. This can leave us with unsightly blemishes, pigmentation and pigmented lesions, thin crepey skin, texture issues, dryness and the premature appearance of fine line and wrinkles.In order to correct sun damage we must first look at sun care, ensuring that it is worn daily and reapplied regularly when necessary and then we need to address the correction of these damaged cells by restoring the skins stocks of vitamin A.  Known as the cell normaliser, introduction of Vitamin A will begin the correction of the cell damage, thus correcting the issues seen on the skin.
Every person and every concern is different so at your consultation we will discuss medical and treatment history, your current regime along with concerns and take a good look at the skin to decipher the best course of action. At that point you will be prescribed the best homecare and treatment plan to suit your budget, commitment and needs.

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