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I want to hydrate and brighten

Hydration levels and the brightness of the skin often come down to product use and skin function and can’t be fixed by simply drinking more water or exfoliating the skin, in fact over-exfoliating the skin often exacerbates the problem. Dehydrated and dull skin often presents with barrier function issues which means it is losing water from the surface, this is known as trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). How well your barrier function and overall skin perform comes down to cell function and interaction. To avoid this happening or correct an issue, we must ensure it has the right tools to do the jobs it needs to do, properly and by tools we mean ingredients: vitamins, minerals etc.  Of course, we must also protect it from external aggressors such as UV and pollutants which can cause no end of issues.

It’s also worth noting that dry & dehydrated skin conditions are often confused, so it’s important to understand the difference. Dry skin will present with visible flaking on the surface of the skin and is often, easily irritated if not consistently. Dehydrated skin often feels tight, especially after washing, lines and wrinkles can appear more prominent and lacks the glow of a normal, healthy skin.

In order to really get to the bottom of the issue, the skin must first be analysed by a professional and a full consultation should be completed. This will address the true reason why the skin may be in this condition.  Once we have discussed current regimes, product use, medical history and lifestyle we can fully advise the best course of action and make changes where necessary to a results driven skin health regime.  Home care is always the first and most important step to get right when treating skin as consistency is key and the skins needs feeding and protecting daily to gain results. Dependant on commitment level and budget, in clinic treatments would then be added to speed up results and deeply rejuvenate the skin.

Basic essentials to achieve this would be:

  • A good cleansing routine.
  • A vitamin A moisturiser
  • Vigilant sun care
  • Supplementation would also be highly beneficial.

The best treatments to treat this concern would be our Environ results driven prescriptive facials, namely the Essential Moisture Boost and Radiance Reveal treatments. You may view these here… Environ Treatments

As we offer prescriptive medical grade skin care, we insist on all clients completing a full consultation with us in clinic or remotely, prior to purchasing products or booking treatments.

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