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I want to look more youthful

In order to look more youthful, we classically look for smoother, brighter and firmer skin. The older we get, the harder it can become to maintain these qualities, but why?

Ageing is a natural process, in part. Around 80% of extrinsic ageing is actually caused by UV damage so when we look at and address skin ageing, we must first discuss avoidance of the sun or at least protection from it. We also want to edge away from the term anti-ageing and move more towards ‘healthy ageing’. We are all going to age and there’s nothing wrong with that, but we can certainly do it well and maintain the skin in the best way possible in order to maintain the desired ‘youthful’ appearance. 

As we age and are exposed to harmful pollutants including UV from the sun, the vitamin A within our skin depletes, causing issues with skin function. This in turn can lead to pigmentation, blemishes and textural concerns, we also develop fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity due to our collagen and elastin growth slowing and being broken down.

Of course there is plenty we can do, at any juncture in life, to slow, hinder or stop this process and in turn maintain, revive and rejuvenate the skin. Firstly, knowledge is power, so knowing what’s good for us and what’s bad for us in terms of ageing is absolutely key, we must look at our body holistically, so we consider diet and lifestyle as well as good skin care, good skin care practices and possible treatments.

Before booking any treatments or purchasing products we require all clients to book a full consultation in order to discuss concerns, needs and commitment levels before we then prescribe the best course of action home care wise and suitable in clinic treatments if necessary/accessible. It is imperative that the daily practise is correct, consistently, in order to see results and so for this reason home care is our minimum commitment when trying to target specific concerns.  This is because we cannot guarantee results unless we know the skin is in good health and being cared for correctly.

See our recommended products for youthful looking skin, below. Our recommended treatments for this concern would be:

Environ Prescriptive (Results Driven) Facial Treatments

Dermapen Micro-Needling 

Radio-Frequency Facial Treatments

If you are not interested in prescriptive home care or commitment then we can offer our Relax & Revive Facial which will beautifully revive and enhance the skin, using massage techniques to stimulate the tissues, improve drainage and improve circulation, encouraging a fresh nutrients to the cells.

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