At SIRENS we launch skin health programmes quarterly in order to enable clients to engage in prescriptive homecare and a course of prescriptive in clinic treatments, in order for us to achieve optimum results, at a discounted rate.

“This blog interviews Saana, who began her skin health journey with us in May 2021. She has now completed two of our programmes in order to obtain optimum skin health and maintain her results.”


What bought you to SIRENS Skin & Beauty?

Sian’s tutorials on Instagram over Covid. Sian’s knowledge of skin conditions and products. Also, I wanted to keep my skin in the best possible condition.

What was your main concern?

Maintaining good skin condition and occasional breakouts.

How did you feel after your first consultation?

I felt that I gained a lot of knowledge about my skin care routine and which products would suit me the best.

How do you feel about your prescribed home care regime and the advice given?

I feel that that the prescribed home care routine has improved my skin and it has improved the break-outs that I had. Also, the advice was easy to follow.

How do you feel about the treatments you’ve received?

I love the treatments that I have had. It’s lovely to have bit of me time. Also, my skin feels amazing after the treatment.

What results have you seen and are you happy with them?

My skin tone is much more settled, less redness. My skin break-outs have improved.

Would you recommend SIRENS and a SIRENS skin health package to others?

Yes I would 100%