At SIRENS we launch skin health programmes quarterly in order to enable clients to engage in prescriptive home care and a course of prescriptive in clinic treatments, in order for us to achieve optimum results, at a discounted rate.

This blog interviews Emma, who began her skin health journey with us in April 2021.

What was your main concern? 

I have had problematic skin since I was a teenager and still suffer with breakouts, this was my main concern, but I also wanted to address the ageing process.

How did you feel after your first consultation?

I felt reassured by the plan that was put in place, and felt that I was finally going to be able to achieve the results that I had been trying to achieve for years. I also felt more informed and came away with some great advice of how I could supplement the process to maximize the results. All in all I felt really confident that I was on the right path for me.

How do you feel about your prescribed home care regime and the advice given?

I felt that I was given some great advice and tools to be able to tackle my main issues. I started using the products that was prescribed to me straight away and I swiftly saw some positive results.

How do you feel about the treatments you’ve received? 

I started with a facial programme and have since moved onto micro needling, all of which have worked wonders on my skin and have pinpointed the issues I was most concerned about. I am really pleased with how bespoke the treatments are to my skin and needs.

What results have you seen and are you happy with them? 

The overall appearance of my skin has changed dramatically, my break-outs have cleared up and my skin appears plumper and I can see a vast improvement in any fine lines I had. I am very happy with the progress I have seen in a relatively short amount of time and am excited to see a continued improvement.

Are you happy with the on-going support you’ve received?

Absolutely, I am very happy and appreciate all the ongoing advice with regards to my treatments and skincare regime.

Would you recommend SIRENS and a SIRENS skin health package to others?

Yes, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, and have done so already.


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