When we discuss rejuvenating the skin there are many aspects we could be looking to address, but by definition it means the action or process of giving new energy or vigour and the restoration of a healthy, youthful appearance.  Rejuvenation or to rejuvenate is a key term used to advertise many, if not most, skincare products and treatments these days, as it’s obviously a desirable outcome. We will now explore what you would need to change or use to rejuvenate the skin and what treatments will aid you.

Why would I want to rejuvenate my skin?

If your skin is prematurely ageing, losing form, dull, pigmented, textured or you suffer with redness/broken capillaries, acne or rosacea then these are all likely reasons why you’d be looking into skin rejuvenation.  We can help by first educating you on skin function, helping you introduce the correct skincare regime and product use and then also by prescribing the correct rejuvenative treatments to suit.

First Step to Skin Rejuvenation – Consistency is key.

 Before we embark on any in-clinic treatment it’s firstly imperative to ensure the correct care is being committed to and performed daily at home and the correct products are being used in order to build & maintain a healthy skin. This usually starts with a good cleansing routine, introduction of active serums &/or moisturisers that will improve cell function and metabolism to create physical change and daily sun protection. This is important for two reasons, firstly without providing this for your skin daily you will not get the results you desire and your concerns will only worsen. Secondly, you will not get optimum results during any treatment plan, unless your skin is fit and healthy and being protected daily. Metaphorically, having treatments in-clinic without caring for your skin properly daily is like going to the gym and then grabbing a take away from KFC or McDonald’s on the way home. All of the above would be discussed thoroughly and prescribed during a full skincare consultation.

“What are the best treatments for skin rejuvenation?”

Here we’ll discuss my top 3 options for skin rejuvenation…

1. The Basics

Results Driven Facial Treatments

Although this is the basic skin rejuvenation option, there’s nothing basic about its abilities or results. The days of purely topical, massage and relaxation facials are not gone, facial massage techniques themselves have always aided skin health and form, but for those that want to see real change, quick results and resist the ageing process, more advanced results driven facials, using active ingredients are an absolute must. By harnessing technology such a sound waves (sonophoresis) and small electrical currents (iontophoresis) we can feed skin cells directly with active vitamins, antioxidants and peptides, gaining up to 4000% greater penetration of product than anything simply applied or massaged in topically. This treatment would immediately improve hydration, stimulate cell activity, such as collagen and elastin growth and aid the overall skin health and condition.

Chemical peeling agents are also used during various treatments to aid in exfoliation and resetting of the skin function, particularly for those suffering with problematic conditions such as acne or rosacea, but they can also be used to gently encourage resurfacing and renewal. Ideally, facial treatments should be performed every 4-6 weeks for optimum results. At SIRENS we use the Environ DF Ionzyme machine, alongside Environ’s medical grade professional product line.

2. The Quick Fix

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light (Laser)

Intense pulsed light treatments are well renowned for their quick fix abilities, especially when it comes to pigmentation, redness, broken capillaries, Acne, Rosacea and overall conditioning. A full consultation is needed to ensure suitability and strict sun care guidelines must be adhered to, but otherwise this treatment is safe and the results can be outstanding. A course of treatments is often required and advised but the desired result is of course subjective, and so some may feel one or two treatments suffice. As it is a light treatment the eyes must be covered and although reasonably comfortable and easily manageable this treatment does feel like being flicked with a hot elastic band. The skin is cooled and treated post treatment, so clients should leave feeling comfortable but with some possible mild flushing or tingling. Treatments are typically performed every 4 weeks.


The reason why we call this The Quick Fix is because although the results are fantastic, it does not work to correct cellular activity, only symptoms of negative behaviour, so again, we must ensure correct homecare and sun care regimes are in place and where possible blended with a treatment plan of The Basics, as above, to maintain and optimise results and aim to avoid acne and rosacea flares. At SIRENS we have the most powerful IPL (intense pulsed light) machine on the market, manufactured by Lynton Lasers here in the UK.

3. The Boss


We talk about this one a lot, because we love it so much. Micro-needling taps into the skins own healing mechanisms in order to reset, reactivate and renew, meaning there isn’t much it can’t achieve when performed correctly with the correct protocols, actives and of course homecare in place. Known as the collagen inducing treatment, it has incredible results in the field of anti or preventative ageing, as well as correcting cell function to treat conditions such as pigmentation and sun damage, acne scarring, scarring and active acne and rosacea symptoms.

We work with the Dermapen mechanical micro-needling device alongside DP (Dermapen) dermaceuticals sterilising products, active meso-glide serums, peels and hyla-active masques. This device offers ultra-fine needles that oscillate at an exceptionally high speed, at depths of 0.2-3.5mm, dependant on the area and condition being treated.  Due to the speed of this treatment, the need for numbing cream is rare and clients are reasonably comfortable throughout. Frequency of treatments depends on the concerns being treated but will generally range from 4-8 weeks with a course of 4-6 initial treatments being recommended, followed by a maintenance programme often including, The Basics, as mentioned above. Again, dependant on what condition we’re treating or what our end point is results wise, the timing will vary. Collagen building can take 6-12 months whereas problematic conditions, such as acne or rosacea should see changes relatively quickly. All clients should notice a positive difference in their overall skin conditioning following their initial treatment.

“So where do I start?”

We start with a consultation, where we’ll go through everything together, get to grips with your main concerns, assess your skin and come up with a prescriptive treatment plan tailored to your needs, budget and most importantly desired results. To book you can do so online at sirensbeauty.com or call 01342 520100.  SIRENS Skin & Beauty is based in Crawley Down, Sussex RH0 4HJ not far from Gatwick Airport.