From the age of 25 we start to lose around 1% of our collagen stocks per year and this can be accelerated by lifestyle choices and environmental factors.

The sun for example is responsible for over 80% of extrinsic ageing and a major cause of premature ageing.  With the breakdown and loss of collagen and elastin within the skin unfortunately comes fine lines, wrinkles and loss of definition.

“In recent decades skin science has come a very long way and in turn skin therapists, skincare and sun care have made amazing waves in terms of their ability to create and maintain a healthy skin and protect the skin from internal and external aggressors.  This now means that we are able to slow the degradation and breakdown of collagen and elastin as well as stimulate new growth and renewal.”


Alongside active ingredient skincare that creates this physical change and protection there are many advanced skincare treatments that can reduce the effects of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles and micro-needling is one of them.   Micro-needling was first pioneered globally by Dr Des Fernandes, leading cosmetic surgeon and founder of Environ Skin Care.  This treatment causes micro-trauma to the skin which induces collagen and elastin growth by employing the skins natural healing mechanisms.

“It’s important to note that fine lines and wrinkles are not only created by collagen and elasticity loss, they set in as a result of mechanical action on the face such as facial expressions.  So,  although micro-needling can aid in prevention of premature ageing and nicely reduce/soften fine lines and wrinkles it is unable to completely eradicate these natural signs of ageing.”


At SIRENS Skin & Beauty (Crawley Down, Sussex) we use the Dermapen Micro-needling Device which is a mechanical micro-needling pen.

Due to the ultra-fine needles and high oscillation the treatment can be offered relatively pain-free without the need for numbing agents and the down time is minimal. This treatment can also be paired with and enhanced by the use of active serums as a form of advanced meso-therapy, chemical peels & light therapies.  Combining these different techniques can help treat a variety of skin condition and concerns by correcting skin function and normalising its behaviour.

Then What?

After a treatment is performed the skin will be flushed much like sunburn and likely feel warm and tight throughout the rest of that day. The following day the redness should have calmed and will be comfortable bar some mild sensitivity. Clients are advised to avoid make-up, exercise, sunshine and hot baths/showers for at least 24 hours post treatment. After such time usual routines may return although your skincare routine may be slightly tweaked to suit the healing skin. Strict sun care regimes should be adhered to daily in order to preserve the work the skin is performing and protect from further damage. A course of 4-6 prescriptive treatments is recommended at 6-8 week intervals.

Please be aware that professional or medical micro-needling is not the same as cosmetic micro-needling.

Cosmetic needling tools can be used at home at a depth of 0.1-0.2mm in order to aid product penetration but do not stimulate collagen production. Please avoid using deeper needling tools at home due to the risk of infection and adverse product effects.

It is imperative that a prescriptive and active skincare regime is in place prior to treatment taking place, this is expected to be continued throughout and ideally beyond a client’s treatment plan. This is to ensure the skin is in optimum health and in turn the client can expect optimum results. Supplementation is also advised to support overall well-being and the skins healing response.  Full skincare and treatment consultations are mandatory before any treatment can be performed in which full prescriptions and advice will be given.

For further information or to book a skincare consultation feel free to book online or call: 01342 520100.